Consultancy, Agency

At LWA (Lynn Wilson Associates) we deliver a strategic process that connects with your business. We start with your customer, by understanding, and empathising with them, by anticipating their needs, their desires and their behaviour. We look beyond the one-off transaction, to understand the full value of every customer during their lifetime with your products. 

We choose to work with companies that want to make our planet last longer, have an interest and passion beyond profit, of supporting your community and implementing sustainable business practices.

Ultimately we are the fashion sustainability experts able to proliferate dynamic culture change within both retail and BTS, to transform your business. Specialising in socially conscious brands working in a number of fields. If you like the way we work, you’ll love the results we achieve. We work in collaboration and as a partnership.

Circular Economy Wardrobe

“Circular Economy Wardrobe aims to support the transition to the circular economy where we have less stuff in our homes but more experiences with our products. We can still enjoy the creative expression of our clothes, furniture and homes without the rest of the world paying the price. The move to a circular economy is about doing design better and differently. It is about economy and growth and how we do that whilst reducing the impact on rapidly depleting global resources. It is complex and at the same time simple – there is no alternative, we only have one planet for life.”

Lynn Wilson: Circular Economy Wardrobe