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Lynn Wilson is a public speaker, lecturer, commentator and broadcaster; advocating circular economy tactics for  sustainability within the fashion industry.  Lynn has presented research in the USA, UK, Denmark, Japan and China. In 2019, Lynn delivered a TEDx Talk in Bath on the consumer’s viewpoint on the circular economy and sustainability in the fashion and textiles industry.  In 2018, Lynn took part in the ‘design thinking’ think-tank: Thinkathon at FashionSustain Berlin, part of the Ethical Fashion Fair in Berlin. In addition, she has contributed to Fashion Revolution events across the UK.

Currently a guest lecturer at the University of Glasgow whilst completing a PHD in consumer design thinking for a circular economy in fashion and textiles.

Academic publications

The sustainable future of the Scottish textiles sector: challenges and opportunities of introducing a circular economy model by Lynn Wilson.

This article was published in Volume 1 of a new textiles journal in 2015. Lynn wrote it for Zero Waste Scotland. The academic community Lynne is now part of do not consider this a good piece of work but it is very popular because it is one of the earliest works written about applying the circular economy to policy and it is a document of her credibility as an early pioneer of the Circular Economy in industry.

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In the loop, podcast –

Lynn is a non-executive director of Architecture & Design Scotland appointed by the Scottish Government. Passionately believing in the connection between how we design our built and natural environments and the shift to the circular economy. Lynn would like to develop a personal narrative and campaign stance on designing our built environments for recycling and circular consumer practices. At the moment consumers need to retro-fit their recycling systems in their homes and bin lorries find it difficult to collect our recycling. This means that many households don’t participate. For example, food composting, if your home is not designed for food recycling do you really want a smelly food bucket in your kitchen?




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