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The training programmes outlined below are aimed at businesses procuring textile products, and the supply chain to textile businesses. Teachers, lecturers, students and wider public interested in and engaged with textiles as crafters and consumers will also find the courses of interest.





This session covers emerging business models and presents a critique of the viability of the models. The session discusses the pros and cons of developing a circular economy business and has input from textiles businesses that are developing circular models who will give a frank overview of their journey.



This session gives an introduction to circular clothing systems and begins by explaining the current linear system and what the challenges are within it.

Working with an existing circular economy business Lynn (and the chosen business) will facilitate a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities they have faced and where they are headed. There will be an opportunity to cross-examine through Q+A the detail of what it takes and how it is achieved.


Part 1:

Two hour master class on different clothing construction techniques and processes covering cut and sew, knitting and bonded fabrics.

Part 2:

This full day training session will be facilitated by Lynn Wilson and be delivered by a contact and pioneer of the zero-waste garment construction movement. The training will be exclusive to 8 attendees and will be delivered in Scotland and will be attractive to attendees throughout the UK.


Part 1:

This two hour masterclass is an introduction to the fibres used in everyday clothing and products.

Lynn Wilson will deliver a 40-minute engaging presentation on the history of fibre and where we are today in relation to sustainability and the global supply chain. The lecture will include examples of some of the challenging fibre production issues faced at a global level and present some of the solutions that the industry is engaged in.

The lecture will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A session with a panel of experts or just a 20 min Q+A with Lynn.

Part 2:

This half day training sessions gives businesses the opportunity to learn more about the fibres that they are working with within their businesses. The training covers the environmental impact of the different groups of fibre production and consumption. Businesses involved in the supply chain to the clothing industry will be able to explore their business needs specifically.

Libraries of fibre will be available for participants to sample and suppliers of approved ethical and sustainable fibres and yarns will be supplied.

The training will be led by Lynn and include guest facilitators from industry working directly with the textile supply chain.

Lynn Wilson is a designer, researcher and circular economy expert with extensive national and international experience in circular economy and resource efficient strategies for businesses and people gained during her time in the Circular Economy team at Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS). In 2015, Lynn was awarded the first Winston Churchill Memorial Trust fellowship to explore the circular economy and visited Japan discussing circular economy technologies with industry and government. She has been awarded an Economic Social Research Council scholarship and is currently undertaking a PhD at the Adam Smith Business School, Glasgow University.

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