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Our current fashion consumption is not helping our delicate planet. Currently 92 million tonnes of clothing go to landfill globally. The work at Lynn Wilson Associates (LWA) has many facets, one element is focused on using our research into consumer behaviour and what is done with once purchased clothing.

Our research into why consumers get rid of some items of clothing and not others, why some are ethical consumers and others just need a more convenient way of managing their life. Every culture around the world has a different approach to clothing. Fast fashion is blamed for much of the problem and we have a number of insights to share on the next stages of consumer education, the technologies being tested and how other cultures manage the process.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

As fashion designers, brands, manufacturers and now cities become even more concerned about the health of our planet, Lynn Wilson steps in to help. Expert in fashion textiles and the circular economy, the consultancy is focused on the consumer. Conversant with cultures from the UK, Denmark, the USA and now Japan and China, Lynn Wilson provides insights, templates and route maps on the challenge of landfill to reuse and redesign to repurpose for the textiles and fashion industry.

From Zero Waste to Fashion Revolution

When textile accessory manufacturers start popping up to accommodate run-off and waste fabric you know there is a change in the air.

There is a mini-revolution developing on the shores of the UK, it’s gathering pace around the world; are you jumping onboard and embracing the change, or standing in the shadows?

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